claudine koma


claudine koma created elff etiquette in 2014 with the vision of having affordable celebrity treatment in the comfort of your home. 3 years later she renamed it to the airbrush artist. focusing on just orgainic airbrush tanning.

when it comes to glam and the amount of time & money women put towards it, should come with the ultimate luxury treatment.  claudine says "everyone deserves a little break when if comes to my treatment. leave the sitting in traffic, finding parking and dealing with chicago's unpredicable weather to me"

she prides herself in catering to her clients every need.  with one simple phone call or email,  she is there to serve your beauty needs right at your doorstep.

she still works with the best glam artists in chicago. from makeup, hair, and beauty med spas. if you need a recommendation. she has it!

"I'm a true believer that you should always look your best no matter what life puts you through & nothing makes me happier knowing i can help make my clients look and feel good"

Claudine- owner

her story

at 16 claudine started working as a fitting room attendent at nordstroms 6 months later she was promoted to sales and for 7 years she excelled as a personal shopper, building her clientele she always wanted to have her own business. at 24 going thru a divorce she focused all her energy to build herself a baby company. she was determined to come up with an idea to have safe organic tanning in the comfort of your home at an affordable price. after a successful first year and the reactions of how amazing everyone felt claudine worked harder on customizing each tan with her techniques to ensure no one has a nightmare tanning story ever, so far not one complaint.

after 3 years of going door to door with her organic beauty health secret (airbrush tanning) she fell in love with real estate along the way. juggling the two jobs she knows she has found her speciality and the time to handle both with love.

her mission is to continue to help educate on safe tanning and help everyone afford a luxury treatment.

claudine donates some of her proceeds to melanoma in may and to the breast cancer society in october.

she loves meeting new clients and cant wait to meet  you!

fun facts

 -i'm 5'8

-birthday is august 16

-i am so blessed to be working on something i truly love doing

-pasta and pizza is the way to my heart and bufflo sauce is a major weakness

- i like to eat my steak well done (i know i know)

-i never had sushi, hotdogs or a cheese burger. but i love a good hamburger (well done of course)

-i love meeting new people, and i cant wait to meet you!

xo, c