what do i need to do to prepare before my session?

  1. moisturize days before your session
  2. avoid all dove products
  3. shave & exfoliate
  4. no makeup or lotion prior to your session

what do i do during my session?

  1. do not go out when its rain
  2. dont do dishes or anything water related
  3. drink from a straw
  4. wear a long sleeve shirt and pants
  5. if you are sleeping with the solution (regular solution) put a towel on the pillow
  6. stay cool
  7. grab a glass of wine & relax

what do i do after i shower?

  1. rinse throughly (soap in the necessary areas)
  2. no dove products. the best soup is a clear based.
  3. pat dry and moisturize heavily (especially winter time)
  4. stay away from anything with coconut oil
  5. do not use lotion heavy in fragrance
  6. best lotions are nivea and aveeno (my experience)
  7. wait 7-10 days and book your next session.